om The Meerkat Group

About Meerkat

Why is my company named The Meerkat Group? There’s actually a good explanation! Meerkat is an animal that scout and look around, is alert and awake. The meerkat keeps track and knows what is happening in its surroundings. Add to that the wonderful philosophy of life as the famous meerkat from the pictures has; Timon in The Lion King. “Hakuna Matata, no worries, for the rest of your days, is a lovely free philosophy.”

These are qualities that I want to combine as a consultant. I always want to go into new projects with curiosity, openness and a basic positive attitude towards life and new challenges!

My experiences

I have worked in the HR field for 20 years, mostly within telecommunications and higher education. I am used to work in both large and small organizations and I have had various senior positions including most recently as HR responsible for Northern Europe and Sweden, with several direct reports. I have extensive experience within global R&D organizations and have been part of management teams. I have worked both on strategic and operational levels and in international environments (mainly Europe and Asia). I also have a broad experience of e.g. coaching senior executives, leadership development, employee surveys and organizational development.

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I have studied at Lund University in Sweden and hold a BSc in Human Resource Development and Labour Relations. Specialisation: Personnel Management and Educational Planning.